Class D Power Amplifiers models EPM122MC, 250MC and 252MC

The EPMxxxMC series amplifiers are very high quality compact amplifiers that work in Class D using NCORE technology from Hypex . Conceived to the smallest detail, it delivers exceptional sound as well as precise staging on a superbly musical amplifier.


  • Hypex NCore technology using NCxxxMP modules.
  • Very low distortion throughout the power and frequency range.
  • Very low output impedance.
  • Very low noise level.
  • Neutral and transparent playback.
  • Audio differential input
  • Compact switching mode power supply
  • High current capacity (up to 17A).
  • It uses the Hypex NC122MP, NC250MP and NC252MP modules with NCore technology.
  • Error protection circuit controlled by microprocessor.
  • Aluminium chassis.
  • Unit Price from 749,00€ VAT included (2x125W version). Shipping not included.
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Available in black

Series EPMxxxMC is only available in black. Optionally the front panel can be silver grey or gold.


It consists of a Hypex module of 2 x 125W, 1 x 250W or 2 x 250W in class D with NCORE technology powered by a compact switched power supply. The amplifier is manually assembled in a compact aluminium box.


Optionally, the customer could require the addition of certain brands of connectors such as Furutech, Cardas, WBT and so for the input (XLR) or speaker.

Technical specifications

series EPMxxxMC

Input impedance (all models): 47K Ohms

Load impedance (all models): Min. 2 Ohm (2-8 Ohms)

Power output:

EPM122MC: 115W @ 1% THD load 2 Ohms / 125W @ 1% THD load 4 Ohms / 75W @ 1% THD load 8 Ohms

EPM250MC: 180W @ 1% THD load 2 Ohms / 250W @ 1% THD load 4 Ohms / 130W @ 1% THD load 8 Ohms

EPM252MC: 180W @ 1% THD load 2 Ohms / 250W @ 1% THD load 4 Ohms / 130W @ 1% THD load 8 Ohms

Distortion (all models):  0,0024% 10-20KHz load 4 Ohms P/2

Signal to noise ratio (all models): 121dB

Gain (all models): 26dB

Max. out current:

EPM122MC: 12,5 Amp.

EPM250 y 252MC: 17,5 Amp.

Frecuency response (all models): 10Hz – 50KHz   +0/- 3dB

Idle current:

EPM122MC: 3,5W

EPM250MC: 7,5W

EPM252MC: 8,5W

Max. consumtion:

EPM122MC: 380W

EPM250MC: 380W

EPM252MC: 650W

Warranty: parts and labor: 2 years.

Weight: 3 Kg.

Measure: 200 x 280 x 70mm (wide x deep x high)

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