Class D power amplifier model EPM 2

The model EPM2 is a high-quality audio amplifier that works in Class D by using Hypex NCORE NC500 modules, which can make the most demanding speakers sound with a bass control never seen before. Musical, dynamic and warm, it offers a degree of audiophile reproduction thanks to an input buffer developed entirely by us.


  • Hypex NCore technology using NC500
  • Very low distortion throughout the power and frequency range.
  • Very low output impedance.
  • Very low noise level.
  • Neutral and transparent playback.
  • Audio differential input with buffer Sonic Imagery SIL994. Optionally, with Burson or Sparkoslab.
  • Switching mode power supply of 1,200W. Optionally, double SMPS.
  • High current capacity (up to 28A).
  • Error protection circuit controlled by microprocessor.
  • Thermally optimized anti-vibration aluminium monoblock chassis.
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Available in various colours

Up to 5 different colours:
Black, Silver Grey, Blue, Red and Gold.


It consists of two Hypex modules of 700W at 4 Ohms in class D with NCORE technology model NC500 powered by a switching power supply of 1,200W.


The amplifier is assembled in an exclusively designed anti-vibration aluminium monoblock box entirely by hand. It includes a specific design and manufacturing input buffer with very low noise operational amplifiers from the manufacturer Sonic Imagery Labs 994 Enh-Ticha and very low noise voltage regulators.


Optionally, the customer could require the addition of the following upgrades:

  • Input buffer with low noise operational amplifiers by Burson Supreme Sound V5 or Sparkoslabs SS3602. It includes very low noise voltage regulators.
  • Inclusion of a second switching power supply in dual mono mode.
  • Finally, the colour of the chassis can be chosen from among 5 options.
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Technical specifications

of EPM2 model

Measured at 230VAC with 4 Ohms load.

Input Impedance: 104K Ohms

Load impedance: Min. 1 Ohm (1-8 Ohms)

Power output: 550W @ 1% THD load 2 Ohms / 700W @ 1% THD load 4 Ohms / 400W @ 1% THD load 8 Ohms

Distortion: 0,001% 20-20KHz load 4 Ohms P<350W

Signal to Noise Ratio: 135dB w/o buffer

Max. Out voltage: 52 Volt.

Max. Out current: 28 Amp.

Frecuency response: 1Hz – 50KHz +0/- 3dB

Idle current: 6,3W

Max. consumtion: 1.200W

Fuse: Slow 6A (230VAC)

Warranty: Parts and labor 2 years.

Weight: 8 Kg.

Measure: 360 x 300 x 70mm (wide x deep x high)

Note: The image provided could be different from the original.

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