Compact modular amplifier(II)

Following the information of the compact system, we attach some measurements made to the prototypes.

Frequency response: 2Hz-80KHz +/- 1dB

Distortion at 10W RMS output: 0,0023%

Distortion at 20W RMS output: 0,0039%

Distortion at 40W RMS output: 0,027%

Distortion at 60W RMS output: 0,094%

Distortion at 80W RMS output: 0,33%

All measurements with 4 Ohms load.


In order to achieve the highest possible quality, Jorge Mata, from Sottovoce audio, proposes this design in three way. For this we use a medium-bass transducer of size 6.5″ MTM configuration, which will offer excellent clarity and definition in its band and pressure level. At low frequencies it is completed with two 10″ transducers that provide a solid base, also for the center channel, without the need for subwoofer support. The system would use the four existing 18 “sealed subwoofer owned by the customer, two for each main channel (L / R). It is designed to integrate perfectly with the subwoofer, and will require the manufacture of support bases to provide the whole system at the optimum listening height (1.05 cm).

For the amplification of the three-way system will use a plate that includes one Ncore NC502MP power module from Hypex from 2x500W to 4 Ohms, one NCore module NC100HF of 1x60W, a Minidsp of 2×4 for the cuts of frequency and all the circuitry associated with the plate (auxiliary power, connections, protections, etc). In addition, the L and R channels will have one NC500 module of 700W at 4 Ohms that will be used to attack the client’s 18″ front subwoofer. There will be an external power amplifier with four NCORE NC500 modules that will attack two other front 18” Bass reflex and two 18″ placed in the back of the room. These four subwoofers will be used exclusively for cinema.

List of components:
● 1x Beyma TPL150B
● 2x Beyma 6P200ND
● 2x Beyma 10G40
● 1x Hypex NC502MP
● 1x Hypex NC100HF

The configuration of the front ends looks like this:


For each piece of furniture, a number of birch wood plates cut by CNC have been used giving an enormous strength and rigidity to the furniture.

Once the layers were assembled, they were sanding, polishing and lacquered with several layers in black.

The different drivers were installed and the dsp was measured and adjusted.

System installed in the customer’s home.


Very high performance custom audio system developed in team by Sottovoce Audio (design and electroacoustics) and ATM (electronics).

The customer aimed for a high demanding loudspeaker trio, with high definition and, at the same time, high sound pressure levels.

The design is formed by three “main monitor” loudspeaker cabinets (1×5″ high freq. + 2×6,5″ mid + 2×10″ low). Their response is extended in the very low range by a pair of 18″ subwoofers (on L/R channels), previously owned by the customer.


Drivers used.

Assembly of monitors.

 Installation in the studio for hearing tests

Back panel.


Assembly SMPS1200

 NC502MP NCORE 2x500W compact power module for bass and mid-range.

NC100HF module for treble.

NC500 subwoofer module.

Balanced minidsp module

Installation of connectors and accessories.

The parents of the creatures in the recording studio.

Installing in the customer’s home.

 2x700W NC500 power stage to attack 18 “subwoofers”

The amplification is Hypex NCore and consists of three plates composed each by:

  • Compact 2x 500W NC502MP module for bass / mid
  • 60W NC100HF module for treble
  • 700W NC500 module with separate power supply SMPS1200 for 18 “subwoofer.
  • Minidsp module for cut frequencies and adjustment of levels, phases and delays.