Compact modular amplifier(II)

Following the information of the compact system, we attach some measurements made to the prototypes.

Frequency response: 2Hz-80KHz +/- 1dB

Distortion at 10W RMS output: 0,0023%

Distortion at 20W RMS output: 0,0039%

Distortion at 40W RMS output: 0,027%

Distortion at 60W RMS output: 0,094%

Distortion at 80W RMS output: 0,33%

All measurements with 4 Ohms load.

Compact modular amplifier

We have designed a compact modular amplifier based on the chip of National Semiconductors (now owned by Texas Instruments) used by the world-renowned 47 Labs Sakurasystems in its 47xx Gaincard models and by Clones Audio in its models 25i and 55pm, with the particularity that, be modular, you can connect in parallel, bridge or both, several units and thus be able to double, triple or quadruple the output power, allowing the use, both in basic listening systems in the near field, and in home theater systems. very high performance and high sound pressure.

It is a 60W RMS module with a frequency response from 8Hz to 100KHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB that makes it the best in its category. We will shortly demonstrate a three-way active system using these modules. We will keep you informed.




Recientemente hemos tenido dos encargos de etapas multicanal para salas domésticas equipadas con Dolby Atmos; una de nueve canales y otra de once canales. En la de once canales, el cliente nos pidió que el panel frontal lo hiciéramos al más puro estilo MacIntosh con indicadores para el trio frontal. Estos son los resultados de la etapa de once canales.

IMG_7485  IMG_7483

Y esta la etapa de nueve canales.

IMG_7104   IMG_7103