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Compact modular amplifier(II)

Following the information of the compact system, we attach some measurements made to the prototypes. Frequency response: 2Hz-80KHz +/- 1dB Distortion at 10W RMS output: 0,0023% Distortion at 20W RMS output: 0,0039% Distortion at 40W RMS output: 0,027% Distortion at 60W RMS output: 0,094% Distortion at 80W RMS output: 0,33% All measurements with 4 Ohms […]

Compact modular amplifier

We have designed a compact modular amplifier based on the chip of National Semiconductors (now owned by Texas Instruments) used by the world-renowned 47 Labs Sakurasystems in its 47xx Gaincard models and by Clones Audio in its models 25i and 55pm, with the particularity that, be modular, you can connect in parallel, bridge or both, […]


From today and until next November 30, the EPM2 model has a special discount leaving the basic model at € 1,595.00 and the full (full equip) at € 1,995.00

Ultra Low Noise Power Supply

We have developed a very low noise power supply using high switching diodes, very low resistance capacitors and very low noise voltage regulators. This power supply will be used in the new equipment we will be presenting shortly: a pure class A preamplifier and a phono preamp. The best components of the market have been […]


In order to achieve the highest possible quality, Jorge Mata, from Sottovoce audio, proposes this design in three way. For this we use a medium-bass transducer of size 6.5″ MTM configuration, which will offer excellent clarity and definition in its band and pressure level. At low frequencies it is completed with two 10″ transducers that […]


Very high performance custom audio system developed in team by Sottovoce Audio (design and electroacoustics) and ATM (electronics). The customer aimed for a high demanding loudspeaker trio, with high definition and, at the same time, high sound pressure levels. The design is formed by three “main monitor” loudspeaker cabinets (1×5″ high freq. + 2×6,5″ mid […]

Acoustic Technology mfg and Sonic Imagery Labs

Since April 1st, Acoustic Technology mfg distributes the components of Sonic Imagery Labs for Spain and Portugal. As you know, Sonic Imagery manufactures, among other components, the SIL992 and SIL994 Enh Ticha low noise Class A operational amplifiers, which are fully compatible with the single and dual operational amplifiers of most manufacturers and used as […]

We moved

From the next day January 2, 2017 you will find us on Calle Málaga 33 bajo izquierda of Valencia. A mere 100 m. From where we were in a place a little bigger where we can serve you better.

Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday 2016, from today and until next November 28, there will be a 10% discount on all our products. Enter our store and choose the model that best suits your needs. https://atmstore.myshopify.com/