Previo PAM2

We started the development and installation of a prototype in pure Class A preamplifier.

img_7902 img_7901


These are the printed circuit boards and components required for assembly.


We recently had two orders of multichannel amplifiers for home theaters equipped with Dolby Atmos; one of nine channels, and the other eleven channels. In the eleven channels, the client asked us to the front panel we did the purest MacIntosh style with indicators for the front channels. These are the results of eleven channels amplifier.

IMG_7485 IMG_7483

And this is the nine-channel amplifier.

IMG_7104 IMG_7103


Recientemente hemos tenido dos encargos de etapas multicanal para salas domésticas equipadas con Dolby Atmos; una de nueve canales y otra de once canales. En la de once canales, el cliente nos pidió que el panel frontal lo hiciéramos al más puro estilo MacIntosh con indicadores para el trio frontal. Estos son los resultados de la etapa de once canales.

IMG_7485  IMG_7483

Y esta la etapa de nueve canales.

IMG_7104   IMG_7103