Very high performance custom audio system developed in team by Sottovoce Audio (design and electroacoustics) and ATM (electronics).

The customer aimed for a high demanding loudspeaker trio, with high definition and, at the same time, high sound pressure levels.

The design is formed by three “main monitor” loudspeaker cabinets (1×5″ high freq. + 2×6,5″ mid + 2×10″ low). Their response is extended in the very low range by a pair of 18″ subwoofers (on L/R channels), previously owned by the customer.


Drivers used.

Assembly of monitors.

 Installation in the studio for hearing tests

Back panel.


Assembly SMPS1200

 NC502MP NCORE 2x500W compact power module for bass and mid-range.

NC100HF module for treble.

NC500 subwoofer module.

Balanced minidsp module

Installation of connectors and accessories.

The parents of the creatures in the recording studio.

Installing in the customer’s home.

 2x700W NC500 power stage to attack 18 “subwoofers”

The amplification is Hypex NCore and consists of three plates composed each by:

  • Compact 2x 500W NC502MP module for bass / mid
  • 60W NC100HF module for treble
  • 700W NC500 module with separate power supply SMPS1200 for 18 “subwoofer.
  • Minidsp module for cut frequencies and adjustment of levels, phases and delays.


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